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The GLI Assessment Center offers a comprehensive and robust one-day assessment for prospective pastors and church planters to discern and prepare for the ministry to which God has called them. We provide the expertise to accelerate your readiness to serve well.

  • Our mission is to equip you with a veteran’s wisdom and proven skills that will ready you for the challenges of pastoring and church planting, both personal and professional. One day is not enough for the pastor who is called to finish well, but it is one day that will equip you from start to finish..

cpcultivate_logo_GLItag_large-2-e1416432865285Gateway Leadership Initiative has been partnering and supporting the efforts of church planting churches, networks and denominations for decades. Agencies have been using our Church Planter Profiles© tool to help assess the readiness of their planters and now they are using our Cultivate Platform to train and equip them to successfully plant churches. GLI designed Church Planter Cultivate for the contemporary church planter seeking to reach our global, post-Christian world. After assessing over 17,000 church planters through our Church Planter Profiles©, we discovered the shocking reality that most church planters are not equipped to reach their culture.


Each session challenges you to:

  • Ask  the right questions.
  • Build your team, your finances,
  • Call how to share your vision.

During the one-day intensive assessment, you will be challenged Here is a peek inside the one-day process:

  • Role Play:  The participate will be presented with different scenarios to respond. These include evangelism, real-life issues ,staff issues, etc. 
  • Fundraising: Give us your best pitch / receive feedback from your peers. Create ask list, etc.
  • Lead People to Faith: How will we lead people into life-changing relationships with Jesus? Come asUr Culture.
  • Build/Recruit: How to find get people to join your launch. 
  • Gather to Grow: How will we create catalytic gatherings to accelerate growth?
  • Our peer assessments provide feedback from those working closing with you during the process.
  • Our team wants to offer you real-life perspectives on all areas of church planting. Our goal is to equip you with valuable tools and long lasting friendships.
  • Church planting can be both challenging and lonely without the right people around you. Let us help you! Don’t do this alone!


Jason Neese is a thinker, reader, observer, team-builder, adventurer, counselor, listener, coach, searcher, questioner, teacher, practitioner, rancher, and patriot. 

Jason responded to the call at the Rock Church and has served as both the Pastor of Care, Concern, and Counseling and Lead Pastor to Family Ministries as well as be a guest speaker at several summer and winter camps, church seminars and conferences, and coaching/counseling/therapy panels throughout the state of California. 

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Rick uses his strengths of connectedness to develop long range strategic plans for churches, church planters and organizations. When not working Rick can be found spending time with his family (ask him about his grand son), often outdoors whether running together, gardening, or traveling him and his family are always on the go!   

For more information on Rick and his career see our about page.




For Individual Church Planter

Includes Pre-work Assessments

One-day at our site in San Diego 




For Teams of 6 or more 

Includes Pre-work Assessments

GLI Assessment Team travels to you


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