Cultivate for Agencies


Gateway Leadership Initiative has been partnering and supporting the efforts of church planting churches, networks and denominations for decades. Agencies have been using our Church Planter Profiles© tool to help assess the readiness of their planters and now they are using Cultivate to train and equip them to successfully plant churches.

GLI designed Church Planter Cultivate for the contemporary church planter seeking to reach our global, post-Christian world. After assessing over 17,000 church planters through our Church Planter Profiles©, we discovered the shocking reality that most church planters are not equipped to reach their culture.

Cultivate will help your planters start new churches that will grow by conversion growth rather than just transfer growth.


Coach Training

Cultivate+Coach+-+Logo+-+TransparentBecause many agencies want to coach their own church planters through the course, we have developed a training program to help them effectively do so. The Cultivate Coach Training program will educate your staff on how to effectively coach church planters through the 36 week Cultivate course. The program starts with an online self-directed 8 week course and continues with coach mentoring and development. Learn More



Special Pricing for Agencies

We are pleased to offer a way for agencies to pre-pay for courses and to receive discounts on bulk orders of the Cultivate 36 week course as well as the Cultivate Coach Training program. When you purchase courses you will receive a coupon code to provide to the individual when you are ready for them to begin the course.

Purchase your courses ahead of time and start your planters on your time schedule. Coupon will be provided for each registration purchase.

  • Regular Price per cultivate courses start at $995
  • Purchase 5 or more courses and get $100 off each course – that’s a savings of $500!
  • Purchase 10 or more courses and get $200 off each course – that’s a savings of $2000!
Train your staff to effectively coach your planters through the 36 week Cultivate Course and beyond. Coupon will be provided for each purchase.

  • Regular Price per course is $695
  • Purchase 5 or more $595
  • Purchase 10 or more contact us for special pricing
  • Master Coach Training $795
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