What is StratOp?

Stratop is a 2-Day On-site Guided Process for Strategy and Operational planning Designed for Church Start-ups, Turn-arounds, and those wanting to Turn it up a Notch.

revision shot
1. regarding vision – as it pertains to your organization and how we help you accomplish it.
1. a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something.
Your team’s a-ha moment could be just moments away…
When someone teaches you something, it is deeply beneficial. But when someone helps you discover something for yourself, it changes your life and the life of your organization. That kind of change is what this process is all about.
We utilize a strategic planning process created by Tom Paterson, a well-known Nobel Laureate and strategic planner for Fortune 50 businesses. The process is known as StratOp (or Strategic Operations). StratOp is a discovery process that gives you perspective on all of the strategic and operational parts of your organization, helps you know where you stand, clarifies where you should go, and gives you a customized plan for how to get there. This method, coupled with our unique perspective and years of ministry experience, allows us to offer holistic planning and vision clarity in a collaborative process.
This is not a model-driven procedure with a prefabricated outcome in mind. Humans are too unique for that and Kingdom work too precious. In every case we listen. Then, together, we seek clarity, focus, and make a plan to take action – a plan unique for your vision. A plan to make the vision become a reality.
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Robb Overholt, Your StratOp Facilitator

robb_overholtBeing a catalyst, Robb Overholt has spent the last eighteen years beginning new works that build stronger communities. With an innovative approach, he has been a part of leading three successful church plants from North Carolina, to Virginia, to Vegas. In addition, he is also the co-founder of two non-profit community based organizations. He has a passion for advancing God’s Kingdom and, specifically, helping church leaders reach their full potential in order to reach those who are far from God. Robb has taught leadership principles everywhere from seminaries to seminars. Whether speaking in the corporate world, coaching a pastor, or climbing the United Kingdom’s 3 Highest Mountains (with his daughter) for an amazing cause, Robb draws from his life experience as an adventurer, musician, business owner, activist, philanthropist, church planter, husband, and father to inspire and unleash the potential of others. Robb has been married to his bride, Shaula, for nearly 23 years. He is the father of two amazing young adults, Logan, 22, and Laney, 17. Currently living in Austin, TX, Robb enjoys the privilege of coaching and consulting church leaders from around the country on transformative works that reach those far from God.

What People are Saying about Robb…

Robb knows how to create healthy churches, and he knows how to help others do the same. He knows how to overcome the challenges and obstacles catalysts and entrepreneurs face. Whether planting a church in Virginia, creating a community of artists, planting a church in Las Vegas, starting a non-profit organization, or coaching church leaders and planters, Robb effectively builds community, builds leaders, and engages those who are disconnected. I highly recommend him as coach, consultant, and catalyst for any organization or church wanting to make a difference in their world. Eric Bryant, Doctorate in Entrepreneurial Leadership Pastor, South Campus Austin, Gateway Church Previous Leadership of Mosaic Alliance and the Origins Project
Robb brings the sort of ground-breaking insights to the church that could only come from having done it and from working with other top church teams. You won’t find a better leader who understands the variables that make or break a church. He’s not just a coach, but a practitioner. He has planted in the Bible belt and he has planted in the epicenter of sin city in Las Vegas. He excels at the entire process of church life from raising funds and developing strategy to building teams and launching effectively. You’ll be better for working with him. Ben Arment, Creator of Story and Dream Year. Author of Church in the Making
It’s a hard realization to make when you recognize that as a team you’ve reached your maximum capacity, your attendance has plateaued and you need a clearer vision for everyone to Believe in again. That’s what brought us as a team to Robb and Shaula Overholt. We had accomplished what everyone said was the impossible in Quebec (which is the least reached people group in the Western Hemisphere) but we were stuck. In 2010 we had 400 people in one Gathering. Now we had 800 people in 4 gatherings and 3 campuses in two languages and we needed help! Robb and Shaula led us to a healthier place as a team, first relationally, and then on better understanding our roles through our strengths. Through several exercises we saw the gaps in our staffing and how some needed to change roles on the team. We experienced clarity as a team like never before and how we needed to take the next steps together for the vision we already had. We left reinvigorated with a new 3 year plan that is making it possible for even more people to Belong. Robb and Shaula were the Catalysts to this experience for the 9 staff members that went through this training. Lorenzo Della Foresta Lead Pastor, Rivers Edge Community Church, Montreal, CA
We were a church that was in a difficult situation and basically ready to give up. We felt as leadership we had done all we could do and maybe it was time to just throw in the towel. We met Robb and Shaula through a friend and just speaking with them gave us a new hope. We had them come for one weekend and our whole leadership was transformed. Before, there was no structure and no vision. They were able to help draw up a strategic plan and light a fire within us to once again do something great for His Kingdom. We have implemented what they have taught us and we are now seeing the results we have always desired. I thank God daily for His grace in sending them to us. We now have a clear direction and we still work with Robb and Shaula closely. Steve Baker Lead Pastor of The Well, Long Beach, CA
I believe one of Robb’s greatest strengths comes in the realm of ideas. He is a creative thinker who is skilled at coming up with original ideas. He is skilled at seeing hard to find solutions to difficult problems. He has an intuitive understanding of even very complex concepts. And, perhaps even more, he is a master at presenting ideas in an entertaining and compelling way. Robb’s real genius, however, is in understanding people. He has an innate ability to see through people – their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, character. He has combined with that natural ability years of research on tests that assess people’s personalities, strength, weaknesses, and character. All of this has made Robb into a powerhouse when it comes to evaluating people, as well as helping them to understand themselves. Vince Antonucci, Church Planter, Author, and Lead Pastor of Verve Church, Las Vegas
Robb & Shaula have truly been a huge asset to The Cupcake Girls as well as to myself as the President and Founder. Before their training and guidance, our organization was imbalanced, and there was a lot of confusion within the staff and volunteers. Their training and guidance has breathed life back into The Cupcake Girls. Our roles are clearly defined, and our communication is on a whole different scale. Their honesty is refreshing and their love and care for the health of our ministry has been life-changing! I have never in my life felt more understood in my gifts and talents than I do now after learning and growing from Robb & Shaula’s training. I also have a true understanding of my staff and volunteer’s strengths and personalities, which has cleared up a lot of misunderstandings and has created harmony within our team. I am extremely grateful for the training, mentorship, and guidance of Robb & Shaula, and I am amazed at the growth of our organization since our time with them. I’m so thankful for the gifts God’s given them and that they are willing to share them with others! Lives are being changed through The Cupcake Girls by God’s incredible grace, and Robb & Shaula have played a significant role in that! Peace, Love & Cupcakes! Joy Hoover, Founder and President, The Cupcake Girls
Robb and Shaula Overholt are emotionally intelligent and very capable leaders. They are full of integrity, wisdom, and courage and would be an asset to any ministry with big vision and a high calling. I highly recommend Robb and Shaula. Bart Rendel, CEO and Strategic Planning Lead, Church Solutions Group