starting a church

Leaders Needed.

Gateway Leadership Initiative is mobilizing thousands of Christ followers
to equip and inspire “As You Are” leaders for starting a Church.

Starting a Church

To Raise The Church From Out of the Crowd.

Leaders ready to launch and lead “As You Are” churches and serving networks molded from messy, imperfect people rising up out of the culture to become the Body of Christ.

asUR Leadership
for a Post-Christian World.

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Our Mission:
Inspire, Discover, Equip & Multiply

Inspiring leaders to start, grow and multiply new churches that help people move from lost to leading. Discovering leaders with the ability and experience needed for church planting.  Equipping leaders for starting new, “come as you are” churches formed from people far from God and Multiplying new churches as part of the reproducing movement.

Tools & Resources.

starting a church


One of the leading church planter assessment tools with over 15,000 church planters assessed.

Leadership Training

Developing leaders for churches that transform people from lost to leading.


Develop and grow with our online tools, books, and curriculums for every aspiring asUR leader.

starting a church

asUR Library

Dig deeper with books from Gateway pastor John Burke & others!

asUR Leader Residency

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Crowd Funding

Coming Soon! Crowd funded church plants. Join our email list for updates.

starting a church

Unshockable Love + Alpha

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starting a church

Post-Christian Certificate Course

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Join the Movement!

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.


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We have an ambitious vision for impacting God’s Kingdom.
Your financial support can help see it happen.  

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starting a church